Our Service

Three measure parts of our services are as follows:

(i) Representation for prosecution of applications;
(ii) Support of people belonging to intellectual property divisions as well as technology development divisions of clients; and
(iii) Aid of utilization of intellectual property rights.

In order that clients’ intellectual property rights can be satisfactorily protected, Amano & Partners provides the best service for each client according to clients’ needs, including their business strategies, technology development strategies, brand strategies, etc.

(i)Representation for prosecution of applications

We do not merely intend to proceed with filing patent applications with the JPO on behalf of clients. Taking clients’ demand into account, we provide them with strategies for protection of intellectual properties so that they can attain priorities of products on the market. Specifically, when we are requested to file an application of an intellectual property from our client, we will hear an object of the filing of the intellectual property, propose a proper classification of the intellectual property to be filed with the JPO, and extract and screen subjects to be included in the application.

In particular, we also provide our clients with proper services with respect to registration of copy rights on the Agency for Cultural Affairs and registration of plant varieties under the Seeds and Seedlings Act, in addition to filing patent applications, utility model applications, design applications and trademark applications with the JPO.

(ii)Support of people belonging to intellectual property divisions as well as technology development divisions of clients

In order to enhance competitive power of a business organization, they are required to strategically create intellectual property rights capable of distinguishing from those of other businesses, protect the intellectual property rights using a variety of appropriate regimes and utilize the intellectual property rights effectively. We can provide our clients with services such as consulting and adviser to help our clients to construct strategies for a series of such intellectual property rights. These services are particularly helpful for small and medium-sized businesses and venture businesses.

Specifically, we join in the discussions made during the steps of clients’ management design and technology development. For people of intellectual property divisions, we can provide services concerning finding of inventions, survey of relative technologies, mapping of patents and evaluation of patents. For people of technology development divisions, we can also provide advices on what inventions should be made and what technologies should be filed as patent applications from the viewpoint of professionals of patent based on information on patents producing great profits.

(iii) Aid of utilization of intellectual property rights

The contents of information on intellectual properties, in particular, the information of patents is disclosed to the public, which is easily available from sources such as the Internet. The information of patents enables for businesses to appreciate their technological positions. Moreover, it is useful for supporting decision-making of businesses such as study of directions of research and development, search of new business subjects, distribution of management resources, merger and acquisition, and selection of technologies to be introduced from outside. In order to help the above-mentioned decision-making of businesses, we provide our clients with services such as creation of portfolio of intellectual properties and evaluation of patents, in addition, selling of patents and introduction of institutions for supporting commercialization of technologies.