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Filing patent applications and utility model applications

This is the prosecution for acquiring monopolizing rights of novel technical ideas of inventions or devices. We make discussions with inventors or creators; conduct extraction and refining of inventions or devices; and then prepare papers for applications of patent or utility model carefully. We make simplified searches of prior technologies before filing applications at no charge.

Filing design and trademark applications

This is the prosecution for acquiring monopolizing rights of novel designs, names of novel commercial goods and services, corporate logos, brands and business corporations. For example, we appropriately propose part designs and designated goods according to needs. We try to give our clients proper advices in such a manner that their design and trademark rights can be obtained effectively.

Filing foreign patent applications (including PCT applications), foreign design applications and foreign trademark applications

Our firm ties up with intellectual property firms existing in foreign countries. We are aiming to acquire intellectual property rights safely and steadily with local representatives of intellectual property firms existing in foreign countries.

Registration of copyrights

This is the prosecution for registration of copyrights of works such as drawings, novels, musical compositions or computer programs at the Cultural Affairs Agency. The copyrights are generated at the time of creation. The registration of the copyrights is merely carried out for confirmation of the creation. However, the possession of the copyrights can be advantageously utilized for strategies for intellectual properties.

Registration of varieties

The purpose of the Variety Registration System based on the Seeds and Seedlings Act is to promote further the breeding of plant varieties. A breeder of new varieties of plants, such as flowers, fruits and vegetables, can be granted a breeder’s right by registering varieties with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. We provide service with respect to a registration for plant varieties.

Protection of designs such as characters

Basically characters and designs shall be protected by copyright low but there is a limit to protect it only by the Copyright Law. It is too difficult to protect the right appropriately. We support our clients to protect their characters and designs properly related with copyright, part design and trademark registration.

Various Searches

Search for prior patents is essential in case of entry for new fields, development of new products and research developments. We can provide our clients various searches from simplified search for patents and trademarks to search for invalidation of patents and search for patent infringement precaution.

Mapping (including patent map)

Like a chart for sailors, whether a business manager has a “patent map” or not is a key for success when he/she begins an investment for a new research and development or introduction of a new technology. Specifically, the patent map is useful for confirmation of network of patent applications and patent rights possessed by the clients themselves, grasp of controversial patent applications and patent rights possessed by other businesses, understanding of competitive force by patents, identification of strategies of other businesses, and assessment of technological trends. From such viewpoints, we provide our clients with mapping service such as making patent maps.

Evaluation of intellectual property rights

We have lately heard the term “finance for intellectual property”. As you see from the term, financing from intellectual property rights such as patents has been developed. Before carrying out a financing from the market using intellectual property rights such as patents, it is important to evaluate economical values of the intellectual property rights. In addition to such financing, it is also important to evaluate patents, etc. for litigations or M&A. We can provide our clients with service on evaluation of intellectual property rights such as patents.

Appraisement (concerning allowance and infringement)

We provide our clients with service on appraisements of determination of whether patent applications or trademark applications should be actually allowed for the registrations by the JPO and whether subject conducts can be judged as infringements of patent rights or trademark rights by an infringement court. We can prepare written statements of appraisement according to clients’ objects such as explanation to customers, in-house analyses and litigations.

Legal advice for agreements

We provide our clients with service of legal advice for agreements concerning intellectual property rights such as license agreements, collaborative study agreements, confidentiality agreements and joint application agreements. We can also offer service of contract drafting.

Contestation regarding intellectual property rights (infringement lawsuits, cases of warning)

For provision of infringement products and copy products, we will help our clients to promote warnings, license negotiations and agreements. In case of a lawsuit, we can proceed with the matter with the help of attorneys familiar with intellectual property rights. On the contrary, if you get an infringement warning, we make a prompt action for search and analysis.


We serve as lectures in study sessions and workshop of intellectual property rights. We provide lectures as our clients wish.

Consulting service

We offer total consulting service of intellectual property rights such as patent, utility model, design and trademark. That is useful if our clients have any trouble with intellectual properties, their companies plans to focus on intellectual properties and they are minor business or venture company so that they do not have enough workforce for intellectual properties.

Corporate advisor

We provide a corporate advisor system to offer continuing advices and instructions regarding the overall intellectual properties. In that case, we offer discount of the aforementioned services and supply of valuable information. The service of corporate advisor is useful for clients who plan to protect and utilize intellectual property rights from a long-term viewpoint or clients who do not have a department of intellectual properties.