WEB Applicaton Requesting System

Flow chart of WEB Application Requesting system

Terms of service

Please keep the following items upon utilizing the service.

  1. When you request this service, you must pay a service fee.
  2. When you cancel the service after your request, you must pay a survey fee if a survey report of prior patents or the like has been already finished, and you must pay a preparation fee of papers for an application if the papers for the application have been already prepared.
  3. Basically, we file an application with the JPO based on the information you provided in the WEB application form. If you find mistakes in your information input, please let us know as soon as possible. We are not responsible for any negative profit that occurs when you do not contact us even if your address is changed.
  4. Our search results of prior patents or the like do not ensure an allowance of an application filed. There may be cases where the registration cannot be obtained even if an application is actually filed with the JPO.
  5. When a notice of allowance is issued, you are invited to pay a registration fee to the JPO and a reward for success to our office. Even if a property right has become unnecessary for an issuance of a notice of allowance, you are charged for a reward for success to our office.
  6. A user of this service must be in charge of any conflict happened between the user and a third party or any damage which the user gave to the third party. We are not responsible for such conflict or damage.
  7. We are not responsible for whether the information sent by a user for a request of this service can arrive at a computer system to our office and whether the information received by the computer system of our office is identical to the information sent by the user for requesting this service.
  8. We may revise the contents of this service without notifying users of the revisions in advance. We are not responsible for any disadvantage or damage caused by the revisions.
  9. We carefully protect the important individual information on addresses, telephone numbers, mail addresses and the like of users. We promise not to utilize the individual information for any objects other than the service and not to let the individual information leak out to outside.

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